Hello All!

Noah pulling the crux of perhaps the most famous alpine wall in America

This will be the place where I start blogging. From Trip Reports to some pictures and stories to my everyday thoughts. My website will still be up and running (http://www.daringdreams.com/) but due to the cost of updating it I have chose to switch over to this site with updating news. I have not updated the Daring Dreams website for two years now sadly. I will also be using this on expeditions to blog about what is happening for those interested.

Ryan Halsey will also be using this once in a while. I am proud to have Ryan be a part of the Daring Dream Team. We have had the same goal in mind of climbing the 14 highest peaks in the winter since the age of 13 and our dream is not only to go to the top but to make an impact on this world for the better through what we do.

We are proud to say were chipping away at starting this dream here in the next couple of years. With immense training in rock/ice and high altitude mountain climbing we’re training harder than ever before. Our plan was Everest in 2011, but due to the lack of funds it’s looking like were pushing it off until 2012. Until then Denali, Canada, New Hampshire, Peru and desert towers await!!

About Noah McKelvin

Never skip a day of living life
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