Daring Dreams Promo Video

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since my last post, since my Canada trip in March. That’s a very long time. Since then, I have kind of traveled a bit on the map from Alberta, British Columbia, Tetons in WY,  many trips to the desert, to a ton of climbing in Colorado. I am definately staying busy everyday getting stronger and getting ready for this next winter season. I think life has been pretty normal for me I guess you could say. I will be posting my trip reports on here now. I have posted only a couple on here out of some 30 I have written.

Now to business,  

Please take the time to watch this video. Over a year of work was put into this. May it inspire you.

Detailed Information

When I was 13, a dream was born, not only for climbing but to just make a difference in this world and to inspire everyone out there to chase there passions. For 6 years, it has changed my life in indescribable ways, through the really hard times to the happiness. It has been a journey. At 19, it’s really just a start to my life. It’s my lifestyle I choose to live. I choose to do it as much as I possibly can to achieve my dreams, to overcome any obstacle that has and will come in my way. I choose to be different then many out there, to step out of that average comfort zone and chase the unknown. There is no limit, only you make the limit.

This video was filmed a little over a year ago and is quite impacting for me as Kevin Hayne took time to help with the video only to pass away a little after.  It was originally made as a “promo” for my planned Everest expedition, only to fall through with the money issue. Goals have shifted elsewhere currently where it’s not so crowded. This video was then made just as a promo video for the goals I have. It took over a year to make. Quite a bit of filming on the field and a few interviews. Mainly covering some minor things I had achieved a year ago at 18.

May you be inspired to achieve personal greatness in your life.

Follow this link to watch: http://www.vimeo.com/29803527


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