A Solo Experience In Paradise

I was at work texting many people to see if anyone could climb that afternoon. No word from anyone really or everyone was busy. I started thinking in my head and getting excited to head to Eldorado Canyon by myself and get some mileage in. I had that set in my head, specifically one route, Hair City (5.9+). I had done the climb onsight a couple days before. When I reached the top of it with a rope, I just wanted to solo it. I felt solid on it. It is such a great route and one of my favorite moderates in Eldo. Though only two pitches, it has it’s fair share of exposure with two minor overhangs. Going without a rope on my second time on the route was a heady challenge though.

Hair City runs up the center of the face for two pitches

Driving there and having the mental trip where you don’t know if your going to make it to see tomorrow is quite the head game. I had to fight that inner battle. I knew I was solid on it and I knew I was not going to fall. Yes, freak accidents happen like rockfall, or something else. It’s part of the risk I accepted though. Arriving at Eldo, I realized this little vision in my head was starting to be painted into reality. I still did not want to get on the route with someone around. I hate soloing with others around. I want it to be a pure experience not one where I feel like I’m doing it for others. When I got there, no one was around. It was game time.

Looking up the climb from the bottom. Amazing

I climbed up to the first solid weird 5.9 move. I pulled it, and now knew I had to go up. I continued up on some great face climbing. On the 2nd pitch it mellowed out after the little overhang but still had engaging face moves but soon I was on the summit of the Bastille at sunset. To be in the moment like this, topping out is sort of relieving in the way that your body can relax. What a wonderful life we all have that many take for granite. I have learned not to. I fought the mental battle and learned alot about myself.

On top

There are those routes sometimes that just call out to me for some reason. Hair City was one of them. Yes, this is why I love living life, because of moments like this.

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