Dispatch 1 5/20/12 Camp McKelvin

Due to a recent extreme turn of events of snapping my collar bone in half from running, I will now be reporting from my couch.

After much thought and preparation, I ready to go through a journey into the unknown. My goal, with the help of my friends, is to document an Expedition of Biblical proportions! I am broken physically but mentally strong and ready to dive into the depths of my conciseness.

In short order, I have already set the tempo for my expedition. I am here at Camp McKelvin by myself in my man cave. I find it weird that I have not seen 749 other people. I just linked up the Office, seasons 2 and 3, in 15 hours 38 minutes and 7 seconds couch 2 couch. I got it clean. The crux was navigating to the kitchen along with almost passing out from the pain along with doing everything with my left hand. That’s why the bathroom sucks. I think I got the speed record though!

Today is a new day, I am going to take a couple steps outside. I want to push the journey on to Camp Chevy Impala but can’t rush it. I really have to acclimatize. I may just go touch the camp and descend back to Camp McKelvin. I look on to the future and the summit which seems so high and far away. Do I have what it takes? So much training, money, and preparation has went into this. I mean, I’ve been sleeping 13 hours a day!

I am passing up time but there is only so much I can do. I have only one arm. Within arm reach I can change the channel to scenery I want. I have water, food, paper, drugs, books, toilet paper, body pillows, ice, and music right by me. It’s made me realize I can reach personal excellence in some other way. Today, progress will be made. I will conquer! I will not be beat down! I only hope I can join the 749 other people on summit day. I think that will be walking the stage at graduation from college in Missouri. Climbing has just seemed to be boring in the last couple of days. Until then I will have my meds and toilet paper very close by, ready to tackle any altitude sickness I may have. This is the top achievement out there! I want it bad!

Stay tuned in my blog as I have no idea where this is leading. I am fighting onwards and reporting from the couch. Keep it real!

Noah McKelvin

About Noah McKelvin

Never skip a day of living life
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2 Responses to Dispatch 1 5/20/12 Camp McKelvin

  1. Ouch! sorry to hear about that, hope you get back into the mountains soon!

  2. ouch! hope you get back into the peaks soon

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