The Highest Circus Traffic Jam

This little rant is something I’ve been meaning to post for many many months.

“So when are you climbing Everest?”

Every time I hear that question, it makes me want to cringe and get pissed off. It’s not the other persons fault for asking, they just don’t know the details. What if I told you Everest was really not that big of a deal, and that you yourself could pay your way up it for a little over 50 grand? Not that much experience but you have the money? It’s okay, give us the money and we’ll drag you to the top. Over 750 people are on Everest right now! Most of that on one route!! Every foot step on the route is being taken by someone. On summit day you have to wait in line for your chance. Three people just died due to waiting to long near the summit and getting hit by a storm. Two more are missing. Every camp is pre set up with your sleeping bag inside, with some chocolate on top of your pillow. It’ mandatory it seems to have Oxygen to aid your ascent. Sherpa’s carry everything for you and set up many miles of fixed ropes for you to jug up.

What about K2, Masherbrum, or how about the Ogre?

Everyone that asks me that question, I try to explain that Everest is a freaking circus. It’s not the “biggest” deal out there. For Colorado, that’s like getting asked when you are going to “hike” Mt Elbert, a class 1 walk up, when you have Capitol Peak, a class 4 scramble, in the same general region. In general, that is not a good comparison because the mountains in Colorado are very weak compared to those in any other country. Maybe I have become a purist. I just hate to see where this is heading. It’s horrible. I hate even more being asked that. Don’ take it as me saying Everest is the easiest thing ever. It’s not. Compare it to the other mountains of the world and you’ll see what I am trying to explain.

It seems to be just an ego booster for a lot so they can have bragging rights. That’s what it appears at least for some in there teens or early 20’s that did it. Something to impress the girls. I just climb for a completely different reason then to simply impress others. I don’t care what other people think about my climbing life. I know what I want deep in my heart and I’m chasing it.

I’d rather go to the city then go to Everest. I’m not going to sit here and point at someone saying your in the wrong. It just isn’t my scene. For me, Everest will be visited someday but in a different season or by a new/obscure route. Until I have the skills for that, it will remain just that, a goal. There’s no doubt, that I could have done it in 2010 or 2011 if I had the money, but I’m glad I didn’t. For me, it’s changed. I’m not going to rape the mountain and do whatever I can to get to the summit. For me, it’s the way and style in which you reach the summit that’s most important. That’s where the word adventure comes into play.

Where is the adventure? Am I the only one that thinks this is disgusting?

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2 Responses to The Highest Circus Traffic Jam

  1. keithnoback says:

    So, what are people supposed to do to get rid of all those extra toes? How about that pesky hippocampus, are they just supposed to let that go uncorrected? You are heartless, sir!

  2. Margaret says:

    Just read and understand what Walter Bonatti said about mountaineering and you wont go far wrong.

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