Life should be filled with what you enjoy. If there is anything I have learned in the short 20 years of my life, it has been to follow your heart. It may sound cheesy but it’s %100 true. Why do something in life that you don’t enjoy? For the past 7 years, I’ve pushed myself, not only in climbing, but has a human being, as hard as I can. It’s been challenging and one crazy journey so far. It gives me psyche to realize how many adventures I’ve had in this world. I live on it. I want many more.

I’m leaving for Patagonia. I can’t believe it. I’ve dreamed about this area for 7 long years, since I started climbing. I never thought I would be at the point to make it, at least until I was much older. Here I am, not even legal to drink in the USA, heading that way. My heart has been set on going this year for some reason. I had to put it as a priority and follow my heart. I don’t know what we’ll climb. For me, it’s not about that right now. It’s about the journey. I’m doing what I love. That’s what matters.

I’ve spent many months training hard, along with working as hard as I can for both climbing and getting the money to make it happen. Hopefully it will pay off.

Let the journey begin!!

About Noah McKelvin

Never skip a day of living life
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