Lost Connections

Sheesh. I almost forgot my password here.

After climbing the East Ridge of Mt Logan (and traversing the whole mountain) in the Yukon Territory, I sort of lost motivation to write about my adventures. Too much to put down in words. Almost a book amount of words happened. Maybe I’ll write something about it someday but you can read a 5 page spread about the trip in the October Climbing Magazine issue if you have it laying around somewhere.

Anyhow, for once in my life, I think I’m climbing enough that I don’t have time to write about it. Well, except for now.

Maybe I’ll try to spray more in the future. I just don’t really care anymore. Though, it’s cool to look back two years and read about climbs I did and see my progress.

I will add though, the year of 2014 was probably the hardest and most rewarding year I’ve had. I managed to get out 91 days outside on my tools playing around and trying to avoid gravity. There were many many tense moments. If anything, I have become even more thankful for family, friends, and this passion I’m still able to do currently.

I’ve learned even more so, that life is precious.¬† But you got to live it until the end.

I’ll try to write a little more here. Now that I sort of got my life back together. I say that sarcastically.



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